How to Earn Money from Inter Net

Hello Guys Today i here To show You How to Earn Money From Inter Net

adfly is a re-directer used by people to get clicks for money with advertising. You have to wait a few seconds then in the top right corner you can click skip ad. They also claim the purpose of it is to shorten the length of links. Either way it is a advertising ploy. Read here for further information.

As for the Chrome thing I don’t use it. But a quick search found this. So you seem to have an extension installed on chrome that turns your links into “adfly” links. I would remove all your Chrome extensions then install them back one at a time using Chrome in between each install to find the culprit.

Just Follow My Steps

Step 1. Open Your Browser

By Rabin

Step 2.


Step 3.


Step 4.


Step 5.

by: Rabin thami

Step 6.


Step 7.


In that Box You can Copy any Link and Press Shrink Button


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