How To Increase 400 Like onFacebook in 15 second

Learn How to  Increase 400 Facebook Like in 25 Step Using Official liker

Hello Friends,

Today i am Going to show You how to increase the Facebook like.

Just Follow my steps.

step 1 . Go to the  Google and Type Official Liker.

step 2. Than Click on Click Hereliker

Step 3. Wait 5 second and Click On Skip AD

Click On Skip AD



step 4. Than Login the Facebook  and Click In Setting.

Click on Setting

Step 5. Than Click in Followers.Click on Followers

step 6. Than Click On the  Who Can Follow Me and make Every Body. Click on Every Body.

Step 7. Go back to the Access Token page.Back in this Page

Step 8. Than Click On Red Button.


ok Good
By Rabin

Step 9. than Again go to Access Token.

Back in this Page

Step 10. Than Click the Green Button. and Copy the Link.copy

Step 11. And Come Back to the First Page Official liker


Step 12. than Past in The Box and Click On Submit.pest

Step 13.Click On Box in i an not a Robot and Verify the Picture.verifi

Step 15.Than press the ContinueOK

Step 16. Than Press the Skip Ad Button After 5 Second.skip AD

Step 17.Click on the Use Official Liker.login

Step 18. Than Change the Value Using Mouse than Press Applyselect

Step 20. If You Want To Increase in Photo than Click in

Step 21.Choose Your Picture and Click On 2

Step 22. Choose Your Profile and Click On Submit Button.Choose

Step 23.  My Like is 1,623 before Increase.see the

step 24 . Processing to Increase the Like.process

Step 25.See After Increase The Like My Like is 2,029.


                  If there is Problem to To that Than See This Video.

If You Like This than. write a Comment.  if i get 50 Comment than i will post

How to  Increase the Comment In Facebook .









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    thanks Rbin

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